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Hi there! We’re Gameowdio, the game audio outsourcing studio.
Once you spot the “meow” in “homeowner”, you know…

We are a small audio outsourcing studio with the HQ in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Established in June 2021, working with outsourcers from different countries, doing all kinds of interactive and linear audio stuff, namely:
— #audio direction (full audio production cycle)
— audio management
— asset making (#sfx#music#voiceover)
— #implementation
— #researchanddevelopment
— marketing audio / #cutscene audio.

We create assets specifically for the middleware chosen, including multitracks and MIDI for interactive music, resynthesizing sounds within the middleware, designing “classic” oneshot- and looped assets, and implement those assets into Wwise, FMOD or directly into Unity or Unreal Engine.

We’re deep into research and development in terms of interactive audio in VR and mobile games.

Looking for the games to make them sound purrrfect!

Cheers and meows,
Ressa Schwarzwald & Nataliya Radina.

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