Introducing CATs (Creative Audio Techniques)

Being audio professionals, we want to make games sound as good as they can.
Our experience shows that working with sound engines (Fmod, Wwise) leads to the best results. However, the benefits of those engines sometimes remain unclear for the devs.

So, for demonstration purposes, we started to make demo videos that show the potential of engines, starting with Fmod. And we already got positive feedback from the industry.

At the DevGamm Vilnius’22 conference, we showcased one of those videos at the panel “Same game, different music”. The video received highest marks by the panel participants, composers and audio designers David Wurczel, Tom Schipper, Daniel Nielsen and Mátyás Csernák.

Here it is (the techniques used are fully explained in the description on Youtube):

Here’s another one from the series: Timer, synchronized with music (for the “Sherlock” game)

Yet, we lack interesting footage to make more of them.

So, we have an offer for indie projects, big and small!

From our side, we provide SFXs, ambiences, maybe small pieces of music for free.
In exchange for game builds or footage of the gameplay.

You will receive publicity, some top-notch sounds (yes, we’ll share the assets and the FMOD/Wwise project repository) and, if needed, comments about the audio aspect of your game.
And we will have more materials to promote our services.

If that sounds interesting to you, please drop us a line at info @ featuring CATs in the topic!

Sincerely yours,
Gameowdio :3

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