Cats visiting Roosters!

In early June, Gameowdio paid a visit to our Turkish colleagues – MadRooster Game Audio Lab. We were accompanied by a legendary Ice-Pick Lodge composer and a good friend, Vasily Kashnikov.

Nataliya, our audio producer, met a couple of MadRooster guys at Mobidictum Istanbul in September of last year. Since then, we have been trying to organize a trip to see the rest of the team and hang out together. Located in the beautiful city of Denizli, MadRooster studio is a very cozy place filled with positive energy, musical instruments, and a great variety of noise-making thingamajigs.

Upon arrival, we were welcomed by Övünç, Emre, Muhammed, Ercüment, Metehan, and Ümit. They showed us their workplaces, and every room in the studio has a distinct individuality of its owner.

After the tour, we gathered for a small jam session right in the kitchen, which was followed by an even bigger jam after dinner. Special thanks to Ercüment, who used the most bizarre equipment for percussion – particularly the dried eggplants were amazing! 😊 So we played, sang, and vibed together until very late at night.

the jam

The next day, we went to the nearby sightseeing gem – the travertine terraces of Pamukkale, located in the ancient Greek city of Hierapolis. It is a place of mind-blowing beauty, both from a natural and historical perspective. Pamukkale can easily take the whole day (especially if you decide to try the pool with warm thermal water). Unfortunately, nobody from MadRooster could come with us, but the experience was overwhelming enough 😊

As a real audio professional, Vasily had his zoom recorder with him at all times. This allowed us to record some peculiar things we found in the country house where we spent the night.

recording process

Hanging out and jamming with fellow audio pros was an absolute blast!

We are super thankful to Vasily and the guys from MadRooster for such a relaxing and joyful time! We at Gameowdio believe in building bridges between supposed-to-be competitors, in creating a supportive international community of game audio specialists. That way, we can help each other grow, share experiences, have allies in hard times, and last but not least, get recommendations for local pubs 😄

Here is a small surprise for you: our recordings1 of an ottoman coffee-grinder, dried eggplants and something cute 😉  in WAV 96 kHz/24-bit.

 1This work by Gameowdio is marked with CC0 4.0

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