СATs: rhythm-based SFX system in FMOD for Clonizer.

This newest episode of CATs (Creative Audio Techniques) is about the rhythm-based SFXs system we made for the game Clonizer, an indie-project in a late stage of development. Since the guys were already using Fmod, we have used their architecture and assets. We have written and vertically-arranged a piece of music. And then created an event that helped us synchronize SFXs with that that. In this video we are using command instruments, loop and transition regions, as well as transition markers for changing the music for the different states of the game.

The links to the developers’ social networks: Discord, Twitter, Instagram.
Games and movies mentioned in the video: The Outer Worlds, Oxygen Not Included, Despicable Me.
Tools used: Fmod Studio, Reaper.
Matvey Borun’ SoundCloud
Maria Vetrova’s SoundCloud
Thumbnail by Svetlana Liakhina.

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